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Do you yearn to discover the purpose of your life and seek guidance on the path you should follow to fulfill your destiny?

Do you seek confirmation that you an eternal soul that will continue to exist in the afterlife (along with your deceased loved ones) when your physical body dies?

Do you have questions about your career, family, relationships, health, or your connection to the Source (God)? Do you wonder about the meaning of recurring dreams or inexplicable occurrences from your past? Are your curious about your past lives and the roles played by people who are now in your current life?

Garnet Schulhauser offers  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ℠ (QHHT®) sessions and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions, both of which can reveal the answers to your questions and provide you with the information you have been seeking to help you enjoy a happy and fulfilling journey on Earth.

​During a QHHT® or a BQH session you will be hypnotized and regressed to one or more past, future, or parallel lives (chosen by your Higher Self) where you may witness past events that have a strong influence on your current life. You will also be connected to your Higher Self (also known as the Higher Consciousness, the Oversoul, the Universal Mind, or the Subconscious) or other advanced spiritual entities who will answer your questions and help you discover the origin of your current health afflictions, addictions, phobias, and relationship issues, which often stem from trauma, injury, or mental anguish in a past life that “bleed” into your current life.

Your Higher Self can also provide sage guidance on career choices and how best to fulfill your life purpose, and, if it is appropriate for you, it can provide relief from the health conditions you have been experiencing.

QHHT® and BQH sessions are a journey of exploration and enlightenment designed to empower you to face the challenges in your life with cheerful determination.

Please browse through this website to learn more about what QHHT® and BQH sessions can do for you. You may book an appointment with Garnet for a QHHT® or a BQH session by clicking on the appropriate link:

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