Preparing for a QHHT or BQH Session


Client Intake and Acknowledgement Form

Please download and print the Client Intake and Acknowledgement Form.

Fill out the Form, sign it, and bring it with you for an in-person session. For an online session, return it to me prior to the session either by scanning and emailing the Form to me at:, or mailing the signed Form to me at 1757 Fairfax Pl, North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada  V8L 4W8.

Technical Information for Online Sessions

Online sessions are held using ZOOM, an easy web-based video meeting system that can be downloaded for free:  You must have Zoom installed on your device. I will send you a personalized LINK for our session appointment.

It is important for me to be able to see your face and hear you clearly during the session (and for you to hear me), so you must have a headset (headphones with microphone) or ear buds with microphone that works with your device. This is important, because using the internal microphone in your laptop or tablet does not work very well.

Many inexpensive headsets can be purchased on Amazon.

The best device is a laptop computer with a webcam, but it can also work with an iPad or tablet if it can be propped up on a table or stool so I can see your face without you having to hold it. For the pre-induction interview, you can be seated comfortably in a chair or at a table or desk. For the induction and trance, you must be laying comfortably on a bed, sofa, or reclining chair, and your device must be positioned so I can see your face and hear you clearly.

Please practice using Zoom and test out all your equipment and your internet connection with a friend BEFORE our session! You will not want to spend our valuable session time focusing on your equipment.

Here is a one-minute video on “How to join a Zoom meeting”

Questions for your Higher Self

Prepare a list of questions (not more than 25) you would like your Higher Self to answer and bring them with you (typed or neatly written) or send them to me by email before your session. The questions can pertain to anything you are curious about, including things relating to:

  • life purpose;
  • career path;
  • finding abundance;
  • health issues;
  • phobias and fears;
  • relationships;
  • past life connections with people in your current life;
  • the meaning of recurring dreams or inexplicable events in your life;
  • reincarnation, angels and spirit guides, the Spirit Realm, and the Source (God);

Learn to Quiet your Mind

Practice relaxing and reducing tension through meditation and deep breathing, because a relaxed mind and body are conducive to achieving a deep trance. It is recommended that you mediate in silence for a minimum of 10-20 minutes a day.

Here is a YouTube video that explains what meditation is and why it is important:

Create Intention and Begin Affirmation

It is important to begin to intend, from the very moment you have decided to schedule a session, to have clear and direct communication with your Higher Self.

“I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self.”

Repeat this intention either silently or out loud throughout your day and right before you go to sleep at night.

Practice Visualizing and Using Your Imagination

Your Higher Self uses your imagination as a language to speak to you. Absorbing that idea and doing a bit of preparation to stimulate your imagination is a good way to prepare for your session.

Here is a video to help you practice visualizing and using your imagination:

Leave Expectations Behind

Intentions and expectations are very different things. Specific expectations about what you are about to experience are not helpful. Come to your session with a blank slate and do not try to anticipate what it would be like to be in a trance. Your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to know at this point in your life, so let your session unfold freely as it should.

Common Hypnosis Myths

You will not simply go to sleep and wake up with all of your problems solved, and it is not required that you go so deep into hypnosis that your become unconscious.

Preparation on the day of the Session

For online sessions, please make sure you are in a quiet room where you will not be interrupted by phone calls, other people, or pets.

Restrict your intake of caffeine. If you are a regular coffee or tea drinker, have only one cup before the session.

Do not ingest any recreational drugs, alcohol, or sedatives.

Eat a good meal, drink plenty of water, and pack a light snack to eat after the session.

If you meditate, do so the morning or day of your session to help clear your mind. If you don’t meditate, do something that calms you—like taking a nice relaxing walk, stroking your pet, or listening to soothing music.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Wear light, comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your circulation or cause you to over-heat when you are laying under a blanket for a couple of hours during the session.

For in-person sessions, please do not wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotions, as I am extremely allergic to these scents.

Session Recording

Your session will be recorded on a digital recorder that will be sent as an MP3 file to your email address using WeTransfer. Please download your file as soon as you receive the link and make a backup copy.

You should listen to the recording many times (especially the part where your Higher Self is contacted) in order to glean all the important information from your session, but do not listen to it while driving a vehicle.

You can let other people listen to the recording if you choose, but it is recommended that you listen to it first by yourself.

After the Session

You will find yourself in a very relaxed, blissful state, but you will be fully functional and alert. Eat something after the session to help ground you back to the current time frame.

Your connection to your Higher Self will remain open for several days after your session so pay close attention to your dreams, because that is often how you will receive further messages from your Higher Self.

Be Patient

Any restorative action by your Higher Self may take time to manifest itself in your physical body. Be patient and stay positive, because doubts or skepticism may undermine the whole process and nullify the benefits bestowed on you by your Higher Self.

Maintain total faith in the process, and enjoy the fruits of your transformation.