“Having read all of Garnet’s wonderful books, it was a sincere pleasure to do an in-person QHHT session in his beautiful home.  I love this methodology soooo much! It is both practical AND spiritual.  I use QHHT every few years to tap into my Higher Self for guidance both personally and professionally.  Garnet holds the QHHT container with great wisdom, compassion and skill. Plus he’s a wealth of knowledge in navigating the sometimes difficult terrain of actualizing one’s soul mission … given he’s done it so admirably in his own life.  A great role model!  Many thanks Garnet for the excellent session and dialogue.”— C. M., Victoria, BC.  


 “During the session I got the opportunity to gain knowledge about a past life that affected me in my current one. It helped me to let go of both thoughts, feelings and questions that I coulden´t understand by myself no matter how hard I tried. The relief and acceptance that followed has been so very helpful.  Thank you Garnet for your faciliation and calmness and guidance during the session.”–S. S., Stockholm, Sweden.

“I just want to thank you for the session because it really helped me to understand my purpose and connection with myself. It was definitely uplifting and a wonderfully positive interactive experience. 
You are an extremely wise facilitator with a senseof humour for which I am grateful. Thank you again for assisting for a deep dive into my soul.” –S. S., Toronto, ON


“I had the great pleasure of meeting and experienced a QHHT session with Garnet Schulhauser. The QHHT modality was pioneered by the late Dolores Cannon and Garnet had his training with Dolores’ daughter, Julia Cannon.

I found Garnet to be warm, caring and very easy to talk to. I think QHHT sessions are personal and is different for everyone. Therefore I will not go into details of my session. However, if you want to discover your higher self, past life, connect with your spirit guide(s) and more. I highly recommend Garnet, he is a great practitioner. His office is warm, comfortable and inviting. Garnet was very patient in listening and answering all my questions and my life journey. It was fascinating to learn a bit more about Garnet’s own journey and his spirit guide Albert!

I highly recommend Garnet’s books: 5 in total and I have all of Garnet’s book in audio version from Amazon. I absolutely loved listening to them. All and all, my afternoon with Garnet is something I will cherish and I look forward to meeting up with Garnet again!!”--C. V., Tabernash, CO


“I was guided by my higher self to seek a QHHT session with Mr Garnet, and it was a beautiful experience. I especially liked the pre-interview where just letting out all that I had experienced in my life felt like an energetic release. He offered a safe, comfortable space and compassion and understanding. 

The trance itself lead me to one past life which felt significant because it made me understand some of the blocks I felt in this life. Knowing about it helped me send love and light to that life and release the energy. 

The entire session was very professional, safe and enjoyable. The part where we connected to my higher self gave me answers that I had intuitively received before, however it confirmed that I should listen to my inner voice and fully trust it. And I find myself communicating with my guides and higher self more openly since the session. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience something like this. Many blessings :)”–M. R., Victoria, BC


“This was my first ever hypnosis session, and Garnet made it so unbelievably easy and comfortable! I had doubts that I could be in hypnosis and bring through information, but I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I really appreciate Garnet for helping me and answering all my questions! 

I had a lot of question about my family and my younger beloved Brother why he passed away so young and about my life and all the bad experiences in life. I have all my answers now.

Garnet is so gifted and patient, I felt his healing energy, I feel a lot better now. Even I was from beginning very nervous but Garnet made it so easy for me!  Thank you Garnet You are a gift to us, I really appreciate your work. God bless you Garnet”–D. D. Summerville, SC.


“I had a wonderful experience with Garnet! I have wanted a session like this for many years and it wasn’t until I heard the Coast to Coast AM program that I felt Garnet was the One to do my session. After I listened to his Coast to Coast broadcast I ordered all of his books and read them in 2 days and now am re-reading them and receiving even more.

I discovered that I have had, since the beginning of my existence, and still have, a great mission to accomplish in this life, here and beyond to share great communication of love and life with all people of the Universe. I came to realize that there is no end to living life and loving and sharing that with everyone I meet. 

Even though I knew that -it became very clear to me in ways that I had never imagined before. It was a transformational experience indeed! I feel the most grounded and centered and peaceful that I have ever been – knowing what I know now and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and with my whole heart for the gift that you have given me! Your Love and Understanding Heart! 

It is my hope that you write many more books and have many more adventures with Albert! Sending you and Albert Much Love and Big Hugs!”–J. R., Southfield, MI


“Meeting with Garnet and having a QHHT session with him opened up a big window to see the wide range of possibilities that life has to offer to heal, align, feel balanced and at ease with myself. I left his home with an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. Allowing Garnet to guide me through this experience has brought so much peace and accepting of love. I am forever grateful to Garnet.”–M. T., Victoria, BC


“Garnet is a kind and caring soul. He created a comfortable space that enabled me to go deep during my session and experience deep healing. I am grateful for his gifted commitment to this work. Thank you.”–K. J., Santa Fe, NM 


“I don’t even remember how I discovered Garnet Schulhauser back in 2017, but I immediately ordered his first three books-in-print and thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with Albert on the most amazing adventures any human being could possibly experience! The most astonishing thing about Garnet’s out-of-body expeditions is the reality they actually happened … aka … his stories are non-fiction!

I had previously read all of Michael Newton’s books starting with Journey of Souls, so I had a fairly well-developed concept of what the Spirit Realm is all about. As I read about Garnet’s astral travels with Albert, I was delighted to discover they were visiting the same place described with a fair amount of detail by Michael Newton.

The frosting on the cake with Garnet’s travels is visiting places far beyond the Spirit Realm on other planets and including fascinating locations here on Planet Earth.

When Garnet’s fourth book was published in late 2017, I joyfully devoured another delicious collection of adventures exploring the Cosmos and learning even more about this amazing Universe. The only bad thing about Garnet’s books was … they are too short … and end too soon!

I had hoped he would publish another book, but years went by … 2018, 2019, 2020, most of 2021. Imagine my delight when in early 2022 I checked and discovered Dancing with Angels in Heaven. The good news was it was longer than the first four books … a super-size feast of wonderful new revelations from the unseen reality.

Around this time, I checked Garnet’s websites and learned he had become certified as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ℠ (QHHT®) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner. Booking a session after discovering my opportunity to make personal contact with Garnet was a no-brainer.

Prior to our Zoom session, I prepared my list of questions to discuss. When the time came, it was a pleasure to video-chat with Garnet. He began by explaining what to expect and how the session would roll out. Then we reviewed my life journey since birth and highlighted the people and events I wanted to explore during the regression.

I was impressed that Garnet understands it takes more than a few minutes to review someone’s life from the beginning. He scheduled at least four hours for the session. It was good to not feel rushed as I shared the significant events of my life playbook and described the important people along the way. Then after Garnet reviewed my submitted questions with me, we began the hypnosis session.

The induction process was smooth and gradual and very relaxing. Then Garnet guided me to imagine a time and place of significance in one of my lifetimes, and to describe the details including surroundings and who was with me and what was happening. Then he guided me to an earlier incarnation to discover who I was and what my life work was all about, followed by reliving my death experience and emergence back to the Spirit Realm to rejoin my soul group.

At that point in the regression, Garnet asked my permission to access my Higher Self … through me … to ask the questions I had prepared in advance. As I listened to my Higher Self speaking, I heard new details about some life events for the first time.

After all of my questions were addressed, Garnet gradually and gently brought us back to normal consciousness and concluded the regression.

The last part was Garnet reviewing the session with me. I was extremely impressed with the detail and accuracy of the notes Garnet had taken during the regression. He got every detail precisely correct. He also told me I would receive my own audio recording of the hypnosis session within a day or two. Listening to my recording was very helpful to hear every detail and absorb the experience more deeply … meaningful to the point I teared up a few times while listening.

My overall impression of my BQH session with Garnet was very positive. I gained some insights about my Life Plan that I’m sure will be helpful as I proceed to complete my goals and intentions for this incarnation on Planet Earth.

If you are on the fence, I seriously recommend you consider doing a session with Garnet. His “bedside manner” felt safe, compassionate, and reassuring. The zoom technology worked perfectly and was just as effective as being with Garnet in person … without the hassle and expense of traveling to Victoria.

I also highly encourage my fellow humans to read all of Garnet’s books. (I just checked my Amazon order history, and see I have purchased 13 copies so far … keeping 5 for me and giving the other 8 away as gifts to family and friends.)

I summarize my Garnet book review with just one word: “Delicious!” “–G. C., McMinnville, OR


“I have studied and worked with the spiritual world for approximately 30 years. I have learned from some pretty amazing healers and had some pretty amazing discoveries/self-discoveries along my journey. Garnet did not sell me short. He ranked pretty high for me.

From the moment I read Garnet’s first book Dancing on a Stamp in 2012. I knew that I was to meet him. I was just not sure how that was going to happen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the next three books and carried on with my busy life. In November of 2021 a friend of mind told me that she was reading Garnet’s fifth book electronically. I was so thrilled to find out he had another book.  I am a girl that likes to hold a book. So I kept watching to see when it was going to be released in paperback copy. On one of my visits to his website I spent some time checking out his healing session. I felt very compelled to book a Spiritual Guidance Session. 

I enjoyed the session so much that I booked a BQH session as I am in Ontario. When the date came along I confessed to Garnet that I was both nervous and excited. We chatted for a bit and Garnet highly assured me that I had nothing to be nervous about. I felt very relaxed to proceed and I found the session very rewarding.

Garnet very expertly guided me into relaxation. His voice is very calming and very easy to listen to. He efficiently guided me on my journey of discovery and efficiently received the answers to my inquiries. He was able to ask the appropriate questions to prompt my Higher Self to seek the answers.

I had a couple of small physical health issues that Garnet was able to help me understand why they were there and he was able to help me release the discomfort. 

Poor vision is another hurdle of mine.  I had always understood that my poor eye sight was from an exceptionally high fever as a child. Garnet was able to help confirm this and by the time the session was over. I could see clearer and colours are brighter. This to me is a great victory.  

My most exciting part was to discover how my five grandsons were connected to me in a past life. I can see the correlation in this current lifetime with each of them. What makes it the most exciting is… I know this will heighten my relationship with my grandsons, whom I refer to as my Angel boys.  No girls at this time. My knowledge of the relationship of my grandsons will help us all grow in a very nourishing way. Garnet also was able to help me understand my relationship with my son and daughter. Once again I know with this knowledge of our past life relationships.  Will help us to grow stronger in a very loving way.  Everything happens for a reason, this I know to be true. 

However, if I was a younger mother receiving this info….. then I believe that my parenthood journey may have been stronger in a more loving, understanding and nurturing way….

Garnet, I can not thank you enough…… Peace”–J. D., Grand Bend, ON.


“I am a practitioner myself and know that there are many practitioners listed out there who have neither the skill nor the maturity to do good sessions.  I feel concern for their clients.  Garnet, however, is one of the very best.  He is intuitive, compassionate, wise, thorough, and has a quick intellect.  All of these skills are necessary in a good practitioner.  I will surely recommend him to my friends.  I know they could only benefit from one of his wonderful sessions.”–G. G., Boulder, CO.


” QHHT with Garnet was very helpful and felt very healing, he knows how to guide. The knowledge or answers received were just the icing for me. I believe the true benefit is the dialogue that you’ve always had with your higher self and universe becoming more refined”.–C. S., Victoria, BC.


“As you navigate your journey, facing challenges, healing parts of your soul. There are still pieces that need to come together and sometimes you need help from someone that has that piece of the “puzzle” for you. That someone is Garnet, he will guide you through your deepest questions and find YOUR answers. He is very knowledgeable and makes this experience one of the best I ever witnessed. Your research and soul has obviously led you here. Take the next step and go forward with Garnet.”–B. G., Victoria, BC.

The interaction with Garnet was very healing. I just know it was. His decency and training facilitated the process of having me  reach a state of being from which I gained insight and in some ways confirmation of  my human path. I am grateful for the experience and to Garnet” — B. O., New Canaan, CT.

“I am very happy with my QHHT session with Garnet. Right from the beginning Garnet made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The first part of the session was about getting to know each other, and I have to say Garnet made me feel at ease and it was easy to open up and share who I was and why I was there to see him. Garnet asked a lot of good questions, helped me with my questions and helped me get ready for the session.

Garnet was very patient with me during the QHHT session. It turns out my ego is much bigger than I thought!! It was not easy to let go but Garnet did not give up and helped me get there. He guided me through it in a very gentle and supportive way. He was very accurate with my questions and did not hesitate to ask more if he felt it was needed. It was very easy to discuss with Garnet during the debrief and I got a lot out of it.”–V. M., Victoria, BC.


It was a pleasure working with Garnet. He makes you feel welcome and comfortable as he explains the journey you are about to take. If you are on a spiritual journey or finding the pieces missing in your life, having a QHHT session will help you put some parts together. 

I know in my session I found my contrast from what happens when I do the work in a past life to the one I don’t do the work. I will always listen to my Higher Self as they have directed me in the right direction.”–R. D., Langford, BC


My QHHT session with Garnet brought me so much clarity & awareness into my life. I showed up with a long list of questions and I got answers to all of them, and even more on top of that! My subconscious was able to address several body issues I had come in with, and Release ones that weren’t serving me. I now have much more mental clarity & focus. My creativity has increased, and I don’t doubt myself nearly as much as I did before my session.

If you are on the fence about booking a session with Garnet, all I can say is do it!! It’s worth it, and you’ll get so much out of it! I highly recommend Garnet & QHHT”–L. W., Calgary, AB


“My QHHT session with Garnet was truly life changing! He does a phenomenal job at clearly explaining everything about the process and has a very calm energy, which makes the conversations very comfortable. Upon listening to my session recording, I was incredibly impressed with how he intuitively guided the questions, extracting as much information as possible, both from the past life and my higher self. He did such a thorough job, eliciting useful details and answers to questions I didn’t even know that I had in the first place! He is such a warm, kind and wise soul. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity he brought to me by facilitating this session. It was beyond enlightening and transformational… and as a bonus, I was able to heal a skin condition that I had been living with for over eight years. Words cannot truly convey my deep appreciation and gratitude. Thank you Garnet.”–S. M., Victoria, BC


Garnet Schulhauser is a highly professional, qualified practitioner who provides gentle guidance and support to connect you to your past lives and Higher self. He is trustworthy and easily puts one at ease, where you feel comfortable in sharing your life journey and spiritual quests. He completely details the process he will follow and establishes a safe and ‘sacred’ space. His deep, powerful voice leads one easily into trance. He works with integrity and great wisdom.  His amazing insight allows for in-depth queries in order to provide thorough answers to one’s questions. Garnet can assist you in your search for a greater understanding of life and help move you forward with a greater sense of purpose. A session with Garnet can be life changing!”–B.M., Victoria, BC

“I was introduced to Garnet Schulhauser at a lecture that he gave in my city and have read his books which detail his astral adventures with his spirit guide, Albert, and which give amazing insight into who we really are and the function of our roles in our past and current lifetimes.

I subsequently contacted Garnet for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, which is a method of hypnosis developed by the late Dolores Cannon.  Throughout the session I was regressed to two former lives which had in common a respiratory ailment from which I have suffered from childhood in this lifetime.  During the regression and Garnet’s ability to connect with my Higher Self, I was able to clear the past energy from this condition and find myself being able to breathe normally for the first time.  I was also able to obtain answers to some of my questions about my current lifetime which have helped me enormously and which have helped to further broaden my perspective and connection to the Source.

I would highly recommend Garnet’s work as a QHHT practitioner to help those who wish to learn more about themselves and their connection to the Source.  It is truly inspiring.”–R. L., Victoria, BC

“I had an insightful and relaxing QHHT session under the guidance of Garnet.  I feel that some beneficial information came through during the hypnosis and I have been able to implement some of those beneficial insights into my day to day life.  I also found that some clarity was brought in on some issues that I had been thinking about too much.  I enjoyed the process overall and felt extremely relaxed and refreshed after the session.  Garnet is very professional and I felt that I was in good hands during the session.    I would definitely recommend Garnet to anyone that is interested in trying out a QHHT session.”–C.D., Calgary, AB

“A past-life regression is something that needs the guidance of a qualified practitioner and I found Garnet to be all that and more. I felt totally comfortable and at ease right from the moment he answered the door. The conversation about my life story at the beginning of the session, was easy and comfortable and I felt I could trust Garnet with the information I was sharing. The session itself was very powerful and although I was only shown one lifetime, it was a very powerful one and helped put some pieces together in the jigsaw of my current life. Thank you, Garnet, and I look forward to any future sessions I may have with you.”–L.F. Victoria, BC

“I gained many insights from my session with Garnet, from understanding my past lives to answers to my life’s biggest questions. He was a kind and supportive guide on the journey, with a calm intuitive demeanor. I feel confident in my choices now and would like to become a QHHT practitioner myself now in the future, I’d like to help heal others in the same way. My session was powerful for me and I am excited to execute some of the things I’ve learnt. Much thanks to you Garnet!”–A. B., Brentwood Bay, BC

“I received a QHHT session with Garnet Schulhauser and it was great from start to finish.  He’s a total professional and understands so much about living life on earth.  Garnet’s strongest point for the session is his powerful voice that helps you get into a trance and keep you there.  I highly recommend getting a session done by Garnet because he delivers results with integrity. 

I also highly recommend everyone read all his books because there is so much amazing information in them.  Reading his books will help you have a better understanding with the game of life and universe we live in. 

Garnet is a catalyst at our junction of human ascension and his information will help you live your best life going forward so you can make the best decisions possible in your reincarnation.”–T. J., Calgary, Alberta   

“It is not a coincidence that Garnet’s first career was as a corporate lawyer. His ability to rephrase the questions in order to gather as much information as possible for his clients during the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session is a very useful talent. Coupled with his ability to immediately put you at ease, I found my first experience to be an excellent one and I will continue to use this method for my research in the multidimensional universe we co-create.”– C. H., Ottawa, Ontario

“I always had resistance to hypnotherapy or anything which would take my “control” away.  But I always felt I had to do the past life regression because I always had that feeling that I have to remember something important… 

Long story short, through wonderful higher guidance, I finally found Garnet! 🙂 Just that experience was amazing! And when I met him, as I’m not very talkative and comfortable when meeting new people, it was like I had known him my whole life. 

I didn’t know much about the whole process or about Garnet himself, so I came without any expectations. I was positive toward Garnet and I had trust in him. And that was all. And you should too. He’s a real gentleman and very good person, something you can tell right away. Very patient.

Beautiful experience, comforting, and healing inside and out.

The whole session was really gentle. Funny thing was, at first I thought I was aware through entire session and I remembered everything. And it felt as if just 10 minutes passed… But later, when I heard recording I’ve realized I was actually out. I didn’t remember most of it. Perhaps those 10 minutes was all I remembered.

Garnet is very skilled in what he does. As I said, very gentle and non-invasive process. You will hear what your spirit (higher self) wanted you to know and what you can take it at that moment. At least my spirit did that for me. For what I wasn’t ready, it simply didn’t come out. It just refused to say… So it is protected in a way.

After the session, things will continue through your dreams or day “dreaming”, sort of light, short trans moments with quick understandings even short visions, etc. 

I had endless confusion with this lifetime… I wanted that to be explained to me. The session with Garnet did that and much more… It kind of placed puzzles in its place… So many times I had that “aha moment”, understanding why certain thing happened the way it happened and it made sense… So much sense…

If you are looking for something like that, help to heal your forgotten self, I would recommend Garnet with all my heart”—D. G., Las Vegas, Nevada.

“My QHHT session with Garnet was wonderful. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable right away. I so appreciate that he took the time and care necessary for me to get the most out of the experience. The healing and spiritual growth that have occurred as a result have been a true gift.”–R. P., Esquimalt, BC

“Since my session with Garnet, I have noticed a strong uptick in my happiness with life.  I am much less stressed about my former day-to-day worries, knowing deeply inside that all is well with my world. I also notice I am greatly aware of many small things that I might have otherwise taken for granted – as if everything I notice is a potential sign or signal in the context of my life journey.  This has greatly aroused my curiosity in each day – wondering what might show up next – in a most delightful day.  Garnet’s guidance has opened up my universe and I am keen to further explore my life purpose in more depth during our next meeting.  I highly recommend Garnet’s gentle, yet precise, approach.”—R. S., Salt Spring Island, BC

“I have tried past-life regression and hypnotherapy as individual treatments so I was curious to experience QHHT. It was a deeply powerful experience the effects of which I am still feeling. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatment was also healing. Garnet is a very professional practitioner who genuinely cares about his clients. If you are seeking answers to elusive questions, QHHT might hold the answers.”—T. C., Victoria, BC

“My QHHT Session with Garnet Schulhauser was one of the most amazing experiences on my journey to know myself and my learning and experiencing Spirit. Upon revisiting and listening to my recorded session in private, I was happy to discover what answers were awaiting me. I am very much looking forward to a session in my future after working on what my Higher Self had to offer to me in guidance.”—D. F., Victoria, BC

“My first ever QHHT session was incredible. Garnet thoroughly explained everything about the process and made me feel extremely comfortable. The 4 hours passed in what seemed like minutes, and I left feeling energized and joyful. Speaking to my “higher self” and listening to the recorded conversation afterwards was enlightening to say the least. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Garnet, and I would recommend QHHT to anyone of all walks of life. Thank you.”—C. R., Victoria, BC

“Thank you, Garnet. This session was vital for my growth. Your work is a true blessing. Hypnotherapy helped me heal and cleanse past emotional disturbances that were hiding deep within my being, and also bring clarity around certain connections and relationships in my life. Garnet’s voice, space, and technique put me in such a relaxed state, with his guidance I was able to go into a past life and get some answers through my higher self about current life struggles and areas of healing that needed to take place within me now. It was a very powerful and therapeutic experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some answers. Who better to ask then your ‘higher self'”—D. F., Victoria, BC

“Thank You for all your time and dedication to my spiritual growth. I found the QHHT session most interesting and enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to explore their Higher Selves and bring a new experience into their awareness. You are a very caring soul and I knew that I would be safe and honoured under your guidance. I found my journey most delightful and informative and would happily do it again.”—H. P., Sidney, BC

“Initially I was uncertain about what to expect, but Garnet created a very safe and comfortable environment and, with his guidance, I was able to delve deep and discover answers to important questions I have struggled with for some time. I highly recommend his sessions to anyone who believes that the answers are within.”—D. K., Sidney, BC

“My session with Garnet Schulhauser was surprising, profound and offered clarity on areas of my life that had been obscured by doubt and fear.  Garnet’s skill, expertise, gentleness and kindness throughout the session allowed me to access vital information that helped me move forward in life more empowered than before. I highly recommend Garnet and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy for anyone seeking answers on their life journey.”—A. P., Victoria, BC

“My session with Garnet Schulhauser was therapeutic and healing. Chatting with Garnet at the beginning of the session was comfortable, and I was able to describe my life with ease as Garnet probed very gently, and I did not feel any judgement coming from him.  In the healing session Garnet guided me carefully, and I now have a better understanding of who I am. Garnet is warm and compassionate and I trusted him completely. Thank you Garnet.”—P. K., Nanoose Bay, BC

“Thank you Garnet for the session we did together using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. I have been hypnotized many times, but this technique was certainly new to me and, after listening to the tape, I just realized that I was mostly “out” when my Higher Self spoke, which is something I truly never before experienced. You conducted the session in a very professional and calm manner, which made this experience successful and well controlled. I am sure the more you practice, the more liberties you will take with the script, as this practice will inherently become part of you. Congratulations on this new journey and say hello to Albert from me whenever you reconnect!”—S. M., Duncan, BC